Tinker Workshop Utiliti Titanium Knife #000


Introducing the titanium Utiliti™ Knife. This knife came about from an accidental project. Using some spare pieces of titanium while exploring electro chemical etching, I created a compact utility knife that became a useful shop tool. After design iteration on the initial knife, the Utiliti knife was created.

The Utiliti™ Knife is hand ground, to a deep hollow, chisel grind. Made from aerospace 6Al-4V titanium with a brown micarta pinned handle and tungsten carbidized edge. Because this is a titanium knife, the oxidation process does not involve and deterioration (rust) of the titanium. The finish is a forced oxidation process that also creates a deeper grey color.

Knife comes with hand sewn Tinker Workshop™ leather sheath

6Al-4V Titanium

Approx. Dimensions:
Blade 2-7/8"
Overall Length 7.0"
Thickness .20"

Design Features:
Deep hollow chisel grind
Deep thumb jimping
Carbidized edge
Dark oxidation finish
Hand made leather Tinker Workshop™ Sheath
550 paracord lanyard

Tinker Workshop™ chemicalelectro etched Logo

Made In:
Oakland, CA USA

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