Miyagi Morale Patch


Pat Morita introduced the traditional lotus flower Tenugui to us in 1984 with his charismatic Karate master role as Mr. Miyagi. Experiencing his character as a young person is an unforgettable experience. For many, this is a first experience to lessons about good vs. evil, how we treat each other.

As tribute to this unforgettable role as Mr. Miyagi, Exploro has created this morale patch representation of the lotus flower. The lotus flower symbolizes purity and beauty in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. Ancient Egyptians scholars observed that in the night-time the lotus closed its flowers and sank into the water, and came up with a different association with the flower related to rebirth and the Sun. The Lotus slowly emerges from a pond over a three day period and then blooms in the morning until mid-afternoon.

3" x 3", Canvas base, rayon thread and merrow border represent the quality of Exploro patches. Includes loop backing, so you can apply an anchor onto any surface you choose.

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