Here Be Lions Morale Patch


Here Be Lions

HIC SVNT LEONES, the classical phrase used by ancient Roman and Medieval cartographers (literally, Here be lions) when denoting unknown territories on maps. Used in old times by cartographers to label uncharted territory as unexplored, potentially dangerous and probably rich in adventures.

In the architecture of the Greeks and Romans, the lion was the Guardian of Fountains (crenophylax). It is probable that from these origins and others (e.g. lions as symbols of royalty) the strong, powerful, royal, respectable lion became the guardian of libraries (fountains of knowledge), museums (fountains of beauty and creativity), castles (fountains of power), and courthouses (fountains of justice).

In consequence, the short form HIC LEONES stands for the adventure of geographical search in the unknown territory of the past and for the triumph of discovery, which advances the spiral of Asking - Searching - Finding - Understanding - further Asking ...

3.5" x 3.8", Canvas base, rayon thread and merrow border represent the quality of Exploro patches. Includes loop backing, so you can apply an anchor onto any surface you choose.

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