Grumpy Monkey Morale Patch


Why Monkey is Grumpy?

On his journey to the west, Monkey was given the responsibility of guardian of the world’s creatures. To assist with this momentous task, Monkey was given the ability to master the 72 methods of transformation. Although this clever Monkey is nimble and quick-witted, the Earth’s amazing creatures continue to decline despite Monkey’s best efforts to save them. Many of our pachyderms will be gone in our lifetimes. Wild tigers are a mere 5% of once proud populations.

This has made Monkey grumpy.

Please help Exploro, and Grumpy Monkeywith the seemingly impossible task of protecting our planet. Recycle, reuse, reduce.

This large & easily recognizable morale patch is 4" wide, 3.8" tall to remind everyone that Monkey is grumpy, and watching you! Canvas base, rayon thread and die cut represent the quality of Exploro patches. Includes loop backing, so you can apply an anchor onto any surface you choose.

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