1.5 Liter Adventurer Kettle with Cook Kit


Ghille Kettle 1.5 liter Adventurer Kettle is good for 6 large cups of water. Pour water into the spout. Add the whistle cover. Create a fire in the combustion tube. Allow the fire to rise through the middle of the chimney. The hole at the side of the bottom of the pan allows more twigs, paper etc to be added and also allows oxygen to be sucked in as the flames rise.

You can also add combustible items down through the center of the chimney. The whistle is a very good safety feature which blows when the water reaches boiling point, Which takes 3-5 minutes. This the only kettle on the market that has the safety feature of the whistle. Full hard anozided aluimunum cooking kit is incudes pan, pot, handle, pot support and grate for grilling above the kettle.
Hard anodized aluminum. Weights just 2lbs 2oz. This size kettle is perfect for the entire overlanding family.

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